Sunday, March 26, 2017

Winged Hussars, Vienna 1683

The Vienna 1683 project continues After learning few harsh lessons trying to defeat Turkish opponents using mainly infantry I decided to field some more cavalry. You can read about these bungled attempts to save Vienna in the last posting. So I painted up some Polish Winged Hussars.

Now you may ask if one field these last knights of Europe side by side German/Austrian Infantry? The history books actually says yes. The Poles lacked infantry so they had rely on musketeers from the German Empire i for fire support. The Winged Hussars also launched a number of smaller attacks prior to the main effort, thus one can readily field them in a minor skirmish. Reconnaissance by sucidal attacks seemed to have occurred a few times Involving these heavily cavalry men.

 The miniatures are all from Warlord. It has to be one of their finest miniatures available. Crisp details and a joy to paint.