Sunday, December 13, 2015

British Infantrymen, The 60th Infantry Regiment, the American Revolution

Today I have completed some additional miniatures for our Mayhem 1756 game. It's a big skirmish game that we have been working on. The game will cover the years 1754-1812. The main focus are the  battles in Noth America during this period. Thus far we have mainly been trying out this set of rules on the French Indian War, but we need to test them on later periods before we can say that the rules are completed. There is also a great deal of play testing to be done as well.
British Infantry from the 60th Infantry Regiment(Royal Americans)

In any case I have previously  painted up a comple of US continental army soldiers for this game( from the American Revolution). They do indeed need some opposition. Here comes the British Infantry. There are all outfited in what best can be described as a campaign uniform from the start of a campaign. They still carry laces on the button holes and the trim on their hats.

Light Infantry( The Colours are that of Royal Americans)

Then we have the light infantry. These guys have been around on the battlefield for some time. The uniform is striped down to the most essential. The light infantry were the elite Brittish infantry and probably had more of hands on approach when it came to uniforms. I guess I could done them even more gritted, but I think this is enough. The main detail that show their status as light infantry are the red waist coats. 

The minis are all Perry plastics.