Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Great Northen War, A Winter Bell Tower and some more Norweigan units.


It's in the middle of the Summer and I am still working on miniatures and terrain that definitly belongs to another season. As previously mentioned it's all part of my Trondheim Campaign project. Using homebrewed big skirmish style type rules we will refight battles(or rather skirmishes) that took place around Trondheim during the winter of 1718.

I have once more done a bit of scavaging. In a local fleamarket I found a souvenir belltower. It's a perfect model of the kind of belltower one kind find all over the Scandinavian peninsula. These were often used to warn the locals about imminent enemy attacks. A fine piece to recycle for wargaming purposes.

The original souvenir piece

I added some tiles using basic cardboard

Then  a black primer...

Then some paint and snow flock( used Games Workshop Winter flock)

Then we have some more Norweigans. First we have some Nordenfjeldske Dragoons. This is a Dragoon regiment raised in the area around Trondheim.  The Banner used by this unit is quite intricate and not that easy to reproduce. In this case I used a picture that I found in a source book, reproduced it and downsized the picture to suit 28mm miniature. The picture was printed. Then I used model colour to enhance the printed image.

Thee Nordenfjeldske Dragoons

 A close up on the banner

Finally we have some more Infantry. This is the 2nd Trondheim Infantry Regiment. The Trondheim Infantry Regiment started as a single Regiment, but was divided during the Great Northen War into three separate units, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trondheim Infantry Regiment.

The 2nd Trondheim Infantry Regiment

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Great Northen War, Winter Cottage and Norweigan Grenadiers

I bought a souvenir house at a flea market. The size was roughly right for 28mm miniatures. So I decided to turn it into. Terrain piece for miniature wargaming. The piece was a bit too tall. Thus I removed the lower part house structure and then I mounted it on a piece of mdf.

The house was turned into a Scandinavan cottage from the early 18th century. Since I felt I needed some more snowy terrain I just GW snow flock to cover the ground and the roof. 

The piece will be used for my latest Great Northen War project - the Trondheim Campaign 1718. 
I also completed a few miniatures to go with the cottage. Below you can see a few Norweigan Grenadiers from the Akerhus regiment. I also competed a Norwegian General...actually probably a Dane or German, most of the Officers I the Norweigan army of the time were either Dane or Germans. The Norweigan army of the Danish-Norweigan kingdom was a separate entity compared with the Danish army, but there were  comparably few Norweigans in the higher echelons of the army.

The miniatures are once more from Reiver Castings and Ebor.