Saturday, July 23, 2016

Great Northen War, The Army of Jämtland, Swedish Units

The Jämland Dragoons

Time to add a few more units to the rooster. Thus far I have mainly painted and presented Norweigan Units of the 1718 Trondheim Campaign. In a wargame there has to be some kind of opposition. The Swedish army trying to capture Trondheim in 1718 was called "The Army of Jämtland". It consisted of units from northen Sweden and from Finland. The unit above is despite it's name an infantry unit. It was recruited in the Swedish province of Jämtland(This is the Swedish region closest to the theatre of operations near and around Trondheim). The reason why they were called Dragoons, though they lacked horses, is unclear. There may once have been an intetion to give them mounts(sometimes prior to this conflict). The equipment and uniform issued  to this unit is also a bit unclear. I have depicted them with grey coats, though some sources state that they should have been blue in 1718. The miniatures are a mix of Reiver Castings, Ebor and Warfare miniatures.

Åbo County Regiment

This is a Fenno-Swedish unit raised around present day Turku, Finland. The uniform this unit wore in 1718 is indeed a bit odd. Swedish units seldon wore green coats.Green was the most common colour of the main enemy Russia. However one can suspect that towards the end of the Great Northen War one had to used whatever was available, dyes were no exception. The minis are all with one execption from Warfare miniatures. The Sergeant in the background is from Ebor.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Great Northen War, A Horse drawn sleigh

I have now completed a piece that will be most useful for big skirmish scenarios. The typical wagon train scenario is one of the most common wargaming scenarios out there, and quite fun too. So when putting together snowy terrain, for a frosty winter campaign, one definitly need some transports that can be raided( or defended) during a game. Now ordinary wagons used during the winter tend to bog down. Thus I do need horse sleighs. Now they are not easy to come by. I am not aware of any manufacturer out there that makes 28mm horse drawn sleighs. So if things are hard to find then one have to build things from scratch.

Using wooden spatulas and balsa wood I created a basic Scandinavian style horse drawn sleigh.  The piece was put together using PVA glue. The basic model was then mounted on a piece of MDF.

The driver was created with left over pieces from 28mm hard plastic kits and Green Stuff.

Finally with a bit of paint, winter tufts and snow flock the piece was completed. I might have to create a pieces that will serve as a load(sacks and cradles)