Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pulp, American State Troopers and the Plain Weird

American State Troopers from the 1930s

Round about the time I completed the Danes in my previous blogg entry I also finished a few Pulp miniatures. Apart for my  historical wargaming I have soft spot for Pulp gaming. My favorite set of rules is Pulp Alley. In that game one is always trying figure out new gaming legue combos. The player in this game commands a legue of adventurers that tries their best to annihilate opposing legues belonging to other players. Maybe a group of American State Troopers from the 1920/30s might do the trick. The minis about are from Brigade Miniatures. The Weird brunch below is a combo of minis from Pulp Figures and Lead Adventure. Professor Pinhead is probably my favorite, just the man to handle a doomsday device.....and add few evil laughters

The Weird Bunch including Professor Pinhead

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