Sunday, May 29, 2016

Great Northen War, The Trondheim Regiment 1718

This is the 1st National Trondheim Regiment 1718. This is a Norweigan Regiment. Norway was back then a part of the unified Kingdom of Denmark-Norway. The obvious enemy of these Chaps  was of course Sweden. In 1718 they had to defend Norway and Trondheim against an  invasion by the so called Swedish "Army of Jämtland". The Swedes invaded Norway in a two pronged attack. The northernmost came through the mountain passes of the Scandian mountains. The Army of Jämtland had  the City of Trondheim as it's objective. The Norweigans was eventually pushed into o the city itself and Siege began.  Luckily for the Norweigans the Swedish King Charles XII was killed while besieging Fredrikshall in Southern Norway.  The siege of Trondheim was called off and the Army of Jämtland was called home. During the retreat through the mountains disaster struck the Swedish Army. A large proportion was cought in bad weather and perished.

The Campaign around Trondheim will be a new project that I will start upp. These minis are single based. There is actually one manufacturer that produces 28mm miniatures for this conflict. That is Reiver Castings.

The idea is to use our homebrewed large skirmish rules called Musket Mayhem. Thus far these rules have mainly been tested on the French Indian War and the American War of Independance. Now it's time to test them on the Great Northen War. The theatre chooses is rather obscure even by the standard of this war. However it is ideal for skirmishing. There were very few pitched battles, but there were numerous of small skirmishes.


  1. Like those a lot. not a great fan of Reiver castings but your painting makes me think again. Terrific.

    1. Thank you Paul! :) I do think that the Reiver Castings miniatures be a bit underestimated. They may not be on par with some of the latest pieces now offered on the market, but the price is reasonable. Futher more the faces are actually well sculpted. There is a lot of character in them.

  2. Great work and certainly a different colour scheme:)