Sunday, October 16, 2016

GNW, Trondheim 1718, The Supply Train

Starving Swedish forces waiting for their supplies

Time to try out the classical Wagon Train Scenario. This is scenario no game rules can be without. So when we continued the work on our very own rules "Musket Mayhem" this had to tested with the rules just mentioned.

The basic outline of this scenario is that that one side is trying to protect a wagon train or a transport of some kind, moving from one end of the game board to the other. The opposing forces are trying to capture the train. Not too complicated but quite fun.

In our game the Swedish forces commanded by Colonel Jöns Von Djaefull are escorting a supply transport(consisting of a single sleigh). A third of the Swedish force is stationed at a supply depot at the other end of the game board(seen from Swedish main force). The Norwegians are trying to ambush the train and if possible capture it. As always the Norwegian side is boldly led by Colonel Castrullenfjord.  Both side has 5 units each. The Swedes win if they manage to safely transport the supplies to the supply depot. The Norwegian win if they manage to stop the transport and capture the supplies.
The battlefield....most of it anyway. The Swedish supply depot is to the left of the bell tower.

The Swedish supply train is on the move. The Ostrobothnians and Jämtlandians serving as close support

The Norwegians are moving in...unfortunately Castrullenfjord and his sub commander Flaeksnaes did not manage to get their orders trough and the Norwegian line was static for quite some time( In game terms: Snake eyes for the Norwegian player)

The Norwegian left wing advanced towards the supply depot...

A complete mess on the right flank...Dragoons making their way through the static infantry line. 

The defenders of the supply depot decided to go on the offensive....

Soon to face the opposition on the other side of the frozen pond....a few volleys later and the Norwegians were halted....the Norwegian commander was not amused 

The Norwegian Dragoons dismounted to face the Jämtlandians...

The Norweigan left flank has just been beaten...just few men are still standing...nothing could stop the Jämtlandians this time.

The Norwegian center attacked the Swedish pikes. First a attack by the Norwegian Dragoons(which failed). Then the Grenadiers attacked(and failed). Finally the 1st Trondheim managed to bring down the pikes. By then there weren´t much left to stop the Swedish supply train.

Castrullenfjord known that the battle is lost. He is sounding the retreat....

Well the game was rather swift....the Norwegians got stuck and the Swedes counter attacked. The Norwegian right flank was wiped out and the left was halted. The centre manged to reach the units escorting the supply train. However after a number of rather feeble attempts to take down the Swedish pikes the Norwegian realized that they had to abort the attempt to stop the Swedish supply train.

We ran this game with four players and one game master. It took roughly one and half hour. We are still quite pleased with the rules, although the Norwegian commander(your truely) is less pleased with his own performance.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Great Northen War, Trondheim 1718, Castrullenfjord bites the dust

Colonel Castrullenfjord bites the dust...well almost. He survived, but things did not exactly go his way.

The Danish-Norwegian army received som long awaited reinforcements - Dragoons. A small unit from the Nordenfjell Dragoons showed up on the battlefield. The units is capable of both mounted and dismounted combat. It looked spectacular, but did it pay off?

The Swedes attacked another Norwegian settlement(as usual), though the attack was expected an the Norwegians were supposed to be the more aggressive side. However the Swedish commander wasn't exactly playing a defence. Aggressive as usual the Blue and Yellow commander Colonel Jöns Von Djaefull ordered a full out counterattack. The Danish-Norwegian Commander messed up and once more his units got stacked up. What was supposed to be a offensive move turned out to be a bit too timid advance in the face of the oncoming Swedish horde.

The Norwegians getting stacked once more..

The Nordenfjell Dragoons are coming..

Colonel Castrullenfjord trying to sort  out a botched deployment....

Colonel Jöns Von Djaevull orders a full  out coordinated attack...GÅ PÅ!

The Swedes reached the objectives faster that the Norwegians. This is odd considering the Norwegian Dragoons on the table. In game terms we can blame it on the dice.

Finns in Swedish service are closing in on the main objective....

More Finns...

Jämtlandians attacking....

The Jämtlandians are closing in on their Objective....the Norwegians are forming up nearby

The Norwegians have formed firing line...waiting for command...that came too late. The enemy reached the objective before the order came....

Despite losses the Jämtlandians pushed through and seized the objective

Lt Col. Fleaksnaes is trying to direct the Nordenfjell Dragoons. 

Norweigan Grenadiers are contesting the main objective....
The enemy are a few too many and the cavalry is watching the action...the Swedes grabbed this one...
The 1st Trondheim is trying desperately to turn the tide...they attached the Finns through the woods..

Finally the Dragoons went into action, but by this time the Swedes had grabbed 2 out of three objectives.... this time Castrullenfjord lost...Jöns Von Djaefull won...

The rules are our very own Musket Mayhem- large scale skirmish rules. The development of these rules continues. We started with a rule set intended for the French-Indian War, but we have branched out to cover AWI as well and now finally the Great Northern War. The game development has been ongoing for more than a year. This was the first game were we tried the cavalry rules. We are quite pleased thus far, but there still a bit of tinkering. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

GNW, Trondheim 1718, The Revenge of Colonel Castrullenfjord

The Lt Colonel Vincent Fleksnaes directs the Norweigan infantry towards the Swedish menace

AAR, The Trondheim Campaign 2nd session

Time for another report from our ongoing Trondheim campaign. Set in the dead of winter 1718. The Swedes are slowly making their way towards Trondheim. In our last game session the Danish- Norweigans screwed up big time, and the cost for that was a defeat. The first Norweigan village fell to the dastardly Swedes and their evil Finnish minions. The Norweigan army was badly mauled by a rather unpleasant display of Gå På tactics. All that was dear and sacred in Norway was under threat. The Swedes celebrated by torching Norweigansupplies and in general way behaving badly. Now it is time to rectify this debacle for our great hero Colonel Marve Castrullenfjord.

The setup of the sceond game. Norweigans to the left, Swedes to the right...

The major objective is in the centre behind the closest to the bell tower

The boxes on the sleigh was the second objective

The supplies by the Härbre/Stabbur was the third objective

The Forces

The setup is similair to that of our last session. The Swedes had 4 musket infantry units and one unit of pike. One of the Swedish units had 12 figures( the Jamtland Dragoons - and yes it is a unit of foot Dragoons) the rest 10. The Norweigans had 4 musket infantry units and one unit of skirmishers. The Norweigan units had all 10 figures. The Norweigans also had a gun. 

 The Norweigans forming up and soon to face the enemy...

Swedes quickly moving on the main objective...

The Norweigans get it right this time. The red tide sweeps towards the third objective

A one sided fire fight - the Norweigans contesting the second objective fires at the Swedish pike..

Colonel Castrullenfjord director of Victory! least he is trying to get this right this time...

The Game

The Swedes attacked another village in a bold manner. I am sure their last victory spurred them. In this game the main objective in the centre is worth 2 points and the tow other one point each. This makes it more important to cease the centre objective. It is also harder to cease the main objective in this game. It takes two full actions to grab it. In game terms that will keep one unit occupied in two game turns in order to cease this objective.  To safely catch this objective one needs to clear the area around the objective otherwise you will most probably face an opponent with more units and you will get swamped. 

The 1st Tronheim Infantry forms afiring line to face the Swedish assult on the third objective

The Swedes charges ito the Norweigans, but this time the loose their momentum and the attack fails. The Swedes lost this one....

The Jamlandian Infantry faces Norweigan artillery and grenadiers...a bad mix

The Jamlandians would end up withe the Norweigan grenadiers eventually. This brought them down.

The End of the Jamtlandian Dragoons!

The final fight around the main objective...this one the Norweigans won...

How it all went

The Swedes went for an all out assault right from the start. All units moved swiftly towards all three objectives. In this they ignored the fact that most the Norweigans formed firing lines. The open terrain in the middle favored firing rather that close combat. The Norweigans also mangled to place the artillery right in front of the Swedish centre. The Swedish onslaught was a halted by disciplined fire followed by by deliberate and and carreful appliance of the bayonet. In short - they shot a salvo before the attacked rather than attacked straight away. This was a short session. The game was completed in less than two hours.

Colonel Castrullenfjord triumphant!.....for now.....