Monday, April 20, 2015

The Great Northen War, Swedes and some more Russians

Time for an update of what has being going on on the painting table. Currently the main focus is the Great Northen War.  

The Östergötland  Infantry Regiment

This was unit raised in the eastern part of Sweden. It participated in the battle of Hollowcyn 1708 as well as the battle of Poltava 1709. The miniatures are from Musketeers Great Northen War range.
These gentlemen are in attacking poses that matches the "Gå På- doctrine" of the Swedish infantry. The Swedes rather charged than exchanged volleys with the enemy. 

The Rostovska Infantry Regiment

A Russian unit that participated in the same battles as the Swedish above. The colours are bit speculative. The coat was supposed to be green with yellow facings, but the rest is more or less an educated guess. There are also grenadiers added to this unit. In reality the Rostova may not have any grenadiers within in their ranks in 1708-1709. During this period the Russians often formed separate  grenadier battalions.


  1. Great painting once again!

  2. Great work there Jesper!

    I'm about to start work on my own unit of östgötar, so if everything goes according to plan it seems this particular regiment will be very well represented in the game. :)

  3. I Thank you all gentle men for your kind comments!:)

    As for Östgötar- you can not have enough of them!

  4. Great looking troops.
    Now, let them kill each other!

  5. Impressive work Jesper - there would have been no Lincon collection if it hadn't been for your productive run, respect! I'm hoping to add some Russian soon too!