Sunday, April 5, 2015

AAR, French and Indian war, Burning down the House - a simple case of arson

Time for an other Donnybrook/FIW AAR....

Mugua, the Huron Held a grudge towards the Anglo-American settlement of New Bethany. Not only had they tried to convert his tribe to the faith of the Great White Father in Heaven, they had also shot his dog. Shooting a dog without a good reason is bad, shooting down a dog for just being a bit playful that outrageous( the poor thing just took a nible from Reverend Jebediah Windbag). When the war came it was easy for Mugua to listen to warlord rethorics of the French and his tribe soon joined the
them in the war against the English. 

Mugua decided to take his revenge upon New Bethany and at the same time serve his new French masters. The plan was to attack New Bethany and to burn down the Reverends home as well as his church. ...and so plans were set into motion.

The Militia defending their Church against the Hurons....

The set up and scenario rules...

In this game the attacker selects two buildings that he wishes to burn down. The main feature of the game board thus needs to be a village/settlement of some kind. The defender will do his best to protect the selected objectives. In this particular game the major objective was selected to be the
Church of New Bethany and the home of Reverend Windbag( kind of obvious considering Mugua's disposition towards the good Reverend.

Burt Brant aka "Snakefeet" and his Mohawks are debating how to defend the Settlement.

 The two sides have roughly equal forces and are placed on opposite sides of the gaming table. We opted for the usual 4 units on each side set up. The distances towards the objective should be the same for both sides. The defender then elects one unit that will ve placed next to one of the objectives.

 More Anglo-American defenders. Moving towards the Church

The bad guys(at least from an Anglo-American perpective) are moving in....

The battlefield(the settlement of New Bethany)

The Hurons are sneaking through the woods towards the church....

 The Algonquins ...soon to burn the Reverends house....

The newly arrived defenders are closing in on the church, the mauled militia has pulled back

The Reverend's house is on fire....

The Rangers are doing their best to keep firing at the attacking force...

The Church is on fire....

Burt Brant and the Mohawks beats the Huron in a close quarter fight. This was the decisive fightthat finished off the Huron menace....

The grenadiers are putting out the fire.. It's game over for Mugua this time..

The game ends when both targets are burned down or when it is no longer possible to do so. There is no time limit to the game. If one wishes to add some tempo to the game that might be an idea. In this game we did not have a set time limit.

To burn down a house a unit must be adjacent to the building. The unit then roll a d6. If the result is 5 or 6 then the house is burning. If the house burns in three rounds( including the ignition round) it is no longer possible to extinguish the fire. In order to extinguish the fire the defender must be adjacent to the building and rol 5 or 6. The fire is then put out. 

Deployment and units

In the game we played the local militia had decided to defender the Church. The home of the Reverend was left undefended. The only hope for the survival of the Reverend's estate was the Swift arrival of the Anglo-American units that was sent out to bolster the militia defending the village. These troops consited of Brittish Grenadiers,Mohawks and a unit of Rangers. The attackers consisted  three units of indians(Algonquins and Hurons). The attackers also had a unit of Coreur de Bois.

Finally both sides had two characters each. Mugua was present of course and rated as a "Hero"(level d12). Three was also a lesser character together with the Coreur de Bois. The Anglo- Americans main character was Burt Brant aka Snakefeet, a white Pathfinder/ Sachem who led the Mohawks. Snakefeet was also rated as a "Hero".  The French and the Brits had a sergeant each(level d8). The French had the sergeant attach├ęs to the Coreur de Ois. The Brits had Sergeant together with the Rangers. 

How did the game turn out?

Well, the Hurons and the Algonquins advanced towards the Church and the House of the Reverend. The main effort was directed towards the Church. The militia defending the Church had a hard time. They had to hold out until the other Anglo- American units would arrive. The Algonwuins managed to reach the Reverends house and it soon went up flames. A unit of Rangers were the first British reenforcements to arrive. They tried to stop the Algonquins from Burning down the Reverends house, but they failed.

Things around the Church soon got heated. The militia was forced to retreat and the Hurons manged to torch the Church. A group of newly arrived Brittish grenadiers fought back the Hurons and managed to put out the fire. Two additional attempts to burn down the Church was made by the Hurons. All attempts failed. Inte end the British grenadiers in conjuntion with Mohawks decimated the Huron to such a point that they no longer were able to fullfill their mission. This was a victory for the Anglo- Americans. The Reverend was not pleased, but the Church was still standing. Mugua had failed and he swore to he would return.......


  1. Fantastic looking game! Great report and photos!

  2. It's not often an AAR actually makes one laugh, GREAT write up! And no, you don't just go around executing dogs, and I'm sure Mr Windbag had it coming!

    1. Reverend Windbag is still alive and so is Mugua, there will another encounter between these two. The dog is still dead and the Reverend's house is toast. The arn't finished with each other.

  3. Beautiful looking game, the trees look rather scary???

    1. Well we thought that we should make it look a bit spooky. Don't know why to be honest. Glad you liked the look of it all though. :)

  4. Looks fantastic! Agreed about the trees, you almost have a Sleepy Hallow game asking to use those trees!

    1. An interesting idea, Ivor! Maybe it's time to create a headless horseman. The orginal story is set in the time following the American Revolution, but we can always tweak the setting a bit. Should it be a headless French rider this time?

    2. Blue Moon Miniatures have a perfect set for you!

    3. Yup! That's the one. Thank's for the tip Ivor, you gave me an idea.

    4. Looking forward to see what you come up with for sure!!!!