Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Great Northen War Project - More Russians

The Astrachanska Infantry Regiment

The Moskovska Infantry Regiment - the flag is slighly speculative. The uniforms seems to be ok.

An Uknown Infantry regiment - for generic use. The uniform colours are the most common along the Russian Infantry Regiments around 1708-1709

The Sibirska Infantry Regiment

The Moskovska Dragoon Regiment - these minis are from Warfare minatures. However I did some conversions using parts from the spare parts left over from the Wagames Factory boxes. There is also some green stuff involved(sashes and bandages)

As previously mentioned on this blogg my club has started a Great Northen War project. You can read more about it all if go to this link

The basic idea was to set upp a demo game at a major game concebtiln. The one we choosed is roughly a month from now. So I needed to get something done. The delivered from the UK has not yet arrived. So what to do? I went to local game store and bought the only suitable minis available.  The had couple of packs with 28mm generic plastic Spanish Sucession Infantry from Wargames Factory. To be honest this is not a favorite brand of mine. However there was very little else to. The end result was quite satifactory actually. With a little bit of paint and some work with the scapel it looked ok. If you do buy these minis there is one thing you need to do. The orginal minis suffers from a serious case of "swan neck". You need to cut down the necks otherwise the poor plastic soldier looks like a swan or an ostrich. This is however fairly easy to do. 

The Uniform Designs and flags are taken from the following source


  1. Great work and particularly like the Moskovska infantry regiment.

  2. Hello Steve, Moskovska was probably my favorite as well. Probably because they had a slighly different uniform. Otherwise there was a bit too much green and red.

  3. Superb collection - well done :)
    A period that deserves more of my attention for sure...

  4. Thank you Mike! :)

    It took some time for me to dare venture into this period as well. However once started it is quite interesting.

  5. Excellent looking Russians Jesper!

  6. Brilliant collection you've managed in no time, very impressive. Really love the Dragoons - aren't these the ones depicted in the Osprey book on Poltava?

    1. Well I might not be able speedpaint like this again. The Dragoons are probably featured in Osprey's Poltava book. I used the Tacitus site for painting instructions

  7. very pleasing to the eye, nice work indeed