Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Great Northen War Project -The Pskov and Västmanland Regiments 1708

The Great Northen War Project continues....

The Russian Pskov and the Swedish Västmanland Regiments 1708

I have now completed some infantry. There quite a few to go. The main plan was to set up the battle of Hollowcyn 1708. That is quite a large battle and fortunatly I am not alone in this mad venture. With the Russians below there is still around 10 similair sized units to be painted. The main problem at the moment is finding a suitable manufacturer for all those Russians. The Swedes seems to be well covered by a number of companies, especialy when the new Warfare minature series hits the market. The Russians puh!, Well I have to check out a number of ranges and see what fits......

The Russian Pskov Infantry Regiment comes from a rather unique range. It's not really a commercial manufacturer behind it as such. It's a Club Project from a club called "Carolinen".
Carolinen is not a wargaming club, rather club for people painting and collecting Tin soldiers. Sören and I was invited to visit their annual Chrismas Bazaar and I  bought these Russians....
 The Pskov Infantry Regiment 1708

I am not familiar with all details, but if I am not mistaken the sculptor is the reknowed Charles Stadden. The scale is supposed to be 28mm and though being typical old school minatures they do fit in size with typical 28's ,the kind of miniatures that we usually paint up for our projects. They might not be as detailed as the rest of the miniatures that lands on my table, but they do have certain charm. 

More Swedes...

The Swedes below are supposed to represent the Vastmanland Regiment. The minatures are mainly 
from Wargames foundry, but I managed to get hold of some sample minatures from Warfare
M iniatures a while ago( The officers and the grenadiers). The clothing indicate a cold Northen
climate, but I assume that these gentlemen are just marching on cold morning ;)

The Västmanland Regiment 1708


  1. Lovely painting Jesper - I really like the result you have achieved on the Russians, that green looks spot on for the period! Great back drop with the house too...

    1. Thank you Sören! The miniatures where quite nice to paint. The colours are rather generic for the Russians. There won't be much variation when it comes to the uniforms I am afraid. 

  2. I'm enjoying seeing the progress of this project. Great uniforms and the house is rather cool by the way.

    1. Thank you Steve! :) The house was a rather good find at the local fleamarket.

  3. Exellent paintwork matey !!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you for Your kind compliments!:)

  5. These look great Jesper! Nice additions to the project.