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Donnybrook/FIW/ A Bridge too many- or Major Rodgers bites the dust.

Major Rodgers together with his Rangers (and his pet) has ignited the Box containing  the black powder.......

The basis of this scenario is that you have force that just has placed an explosive service beneath a bridge and is about to blow up the bridge. Since we are dealing with a 18th century war this is probably a matter of a fuse ignited keg of Blackpowder( highly volatile stuff - do try this for real)

 The Battlefield. The Anglo-Americans arrive from south side of the bridge. The French arrive from the North( the upper part of this picture)

The defender is the one with the burning desire to blow something up( in this case a bridge). The attacker will do his best to stop this. Usually a standard force in our games consist of 4 units. However in this game the attacker had one extra unit. The defender will choose one unit that is placed by the objective(the powderkeg)

The Coreur de Bois sneaks through the woods towards the bridge.

The Hurons moves through the village...the French force is building up...

More French .....this time drilled regulars...Major Rodgers is in big trouble.....

The fuse is lit already from the beginning of the game.   It will take 6 rounds plus 1d3 rounds before  the bridge belongs to the ages. The defender rolls a d3 in secret and he knows exactly how long the game lasts. If the bridge blows up the game is over.  If however the attacker comes in contact with the device the fuse is put out. The clock is then paused. The attacker now has time enough to clear the surroundings from hostile units. If the defender comes in contact with thedevice the clock is ticking again. The number of rounds left is the same as when the fuse was put out(So for example if the fuse is put out at Round 5 the relit fuse will start from round 5). The attacker can win the game by making it impossible to blow the bridge. He can also win by inflicting so much casialties on the defending side that it overshadows the effort of blowing the bridge. If any unit is within the bridge (4") when it blows the unit is gone as well

Rodgers is going down....

In this game Captain Castroulle's arch nemisis Major Roy Rodgers ( the less known brother of Robert Rodgers) of his Britannic majesty's Rangers has placed a box filled with gunpowder beneath the bridge of the River Patuxemnetonic( usually refered to as "The Tonic"). The idea is to stop the French from raiding the local settlements in the North Western part of the colony New York.  But who can stop the ever so vile and vilenous Captain Castroulle?

The Hurons manage to put out the fuse...

The Mohawks are storming the bridge and the bomb is lit again. 

The British Grenadiers are moving up to support the Mohawks

The Coreur de Bois fires at the Mohawks on the bridge....

In any case the French attack from the village side. The britts are comming up to support Roy and his merry men from the other side. The side that bring most firepower in time will be able to control the bridge area and decide if the bridge will be blow or if it will be left standing.

The Mohawks are shot down. This is the end of the game...

The first attempt by the French to remove the Rangers from the bridge area was done by a small group of Coreur de Bois. They were followed by a group of Huron-indians. The Coreur de Bois did not manage to remove the Rangers, but the Indians were more successful. The Indians decimated the Rangers and the fuse was put out. However a group of Pro-Britis Mohawks made a valiant counter attack and the fuse was back again. By now the French had brought forth more firepower. The Brittish forces on the other hand had made fatal tactical error. The Brittish moved their reenforcements through thick dense woods. The outnumbered Brittish force by the bridge had to wait in vain for the much needed extra firepower.  The Mohawks and the few Rangers still left standing were caught in a deadly crossfire. The French fired a concentrated volley from three diffrent positions. In the end it was a fairly small matter for the French-aligned Indians to remove the Mohawks. Roy was by then unconcious. His fate is still unknown. He might be dead and scalped, he may be Held captive by the Hurons. Later scenarios in this campaign might tell. ......and the bridge remained intact.


  1. Cheers and salutations to Cpt Castroulle with a French "victoire" - I do hope Roy gets to keep his hair piece on its designated position!

    1. Cpt Castroulle is quite pleased for once. Major Rodgers..well there always nice looking wigs, especialy during this era.

  2. An excellent game and great looking figures too!!!

  3. Very nice AAR! Great looking troops.

  4. Glad you enjoyed this AAR. There are few loose ends after this scenario, the comming scenario focus mainly on arson rather than explosives. If the fate of Major will be determined that I can not tell. Some secrets must kept.

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    1. Thank you for your kind compliments Moiterei!

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    1. Thank you! There will be more comming!