Sunday, March 8, 2015

AAR- Donnybrook, French- Indian War/ Captain Castroulle Strikes Again!

The French Secret weapon in this scenario...

In our last Donnybrook AAR Captain Castroulle and his French raiding force managed to steal a Strongbox from the the Good citizens of the settlement East Brumford. The raid was opposed by Captain Castoulle's arch nemisis Colonel Wilburforce -Smythe. The british Colonel almost, but not quite managed to stop this heinous act. A lone member of the French Compagnie de Marine got away with the strongbox. The French had some loose ends however. The idea was to steal the strongbox and kidnap some local officials. This part of the plan failed. British Rangers led by the galant Major Roy Rodgers managed to free the hostages before the French managed you get away with their human prey. It is now time for the second round in this game of foul play. Will the frontier put ablaze or will the good citizens of the Northwest frontier get a good might rest?

New Hannover

In this game the French is once more up to no good. They plan to find some new hostages and bring them to the other side of the waterway that marks the border between the British and French colonies. The French will attack the settlement of New Hannover and kidnap the magistrate with his family. The main French Force will attack from the North through New Hannover and once the hostages are French hands they will drag them to the nearby beach. At the beach canoes awaits them. The hostages will be terrordåd away in the Canoes. 

Just like last time this is a scheme that doesn't really goes planned. Colonel Wilburforce- Smythe is
nearby and has been tracking the French raiders for days. As the French plan is set into motion a nasty surprise awaits the Raiders of the French king.

The intial moves...

The French attacks New Hannover from two sides. The regular French infantry and the Compagnie de Marine attacks from the East using the main road that leads to the settlement. The indians and the Coreur de Bois attacks from the North using the Woods as cover.

The French and their allies are closing in on New Hannover...

Since British already knows what is about to happen they rush in from the west. In game terms the French are deployed on the table comming from two directions. The British force arrives in piecemeal from the table edge representing the west. Each time card with a British unit is drawn they
move onto the table using the road that runs East to West.

Colonel Wilburforce-Smythe and the Grenadiers are moving in....

The first blod is drawn when Brittish grenadiers together with the Colonel spots a group of French luckers in the Woods. The grenadiers opens fire and half the French group of Coreur de Bois are gone. Since these French Wood skulkers are Elite and the best unit that the French can field this is quite a blow.

The opening firefight between the Grenadiers and the Coreur de Bois

 The French are a bit shaken after the firefight....

The next important move; the French attack through the settlement. The French infantry formed a during line that almost swept clear the streets( or at least the one road through) New Hannover. 
The Mohawk allied of Colonel Wilburforce-Smythe took the brunt of it. Decimated they had to run for cover.
The Mohawk are Moving in, soon to be shot down by the French

The French Line is formed, soon to deliver a deadline volley...

The Rangers fires back at the French line...

Next up, and this time better covered, were the expert marksman of British Rangers. The Table was turned and the French regrouped and moved away.
The French captures the Magistrate

The end moves. The Magistrate is freed.....

The Compagnie de Marine made rush for it and grabbed the magistrate and his family. However British infantry moved up from two directions. Grenadiers from behind and Infantry up front. The
Compagnie were caught between a rock and a hard place. The French Infantry made vain attempt to
stop this from hapening. However the British infantry finally assulted the Compagnie de Marine. The hostage was freed. Captain Castroulle had lost and he withdrew, cursing in coarse French. He swore that he would return....

This game featured the following forces...


3 Characters( including the Hero Captain Castroulle)
1 unit of Compagnie de Marine, Drilled, 8 figures
1 unit of French Infantry, Drilled, 8 figures
1 unit of Huron warriors, Drilled, 8 figures
1 unit of Coreur de Bois, Elite , 4 miniatures


3 Characters( including the Hero Colonel Wilburforce-Smythe)
1 unit of Grenadiers, Drilled, 8 figures
1 unit of Infantry, Drilled, 8 figures
1 unit of Mohawk warriors, Drilled, 8 figures
1 unit of Rangers, Elite, 4 figures

 Concerning Indians: Please note that the term "Drilled" refer to the moral level in this game, not that they in other respects were drilled soldiers

Objective of this game: the French should try to grabb the magistrate and his family. They are located in the center of the village. Once taken hostage they will be moved towards the beach and put in the Canoes waiting there. If that succeds the French have won the game. The British forces will win if if they stop this from happening.

That is all for this time....


  1. Wonderful AAR complete with the notorious Capt. Castroulle and some shaken martinis!

  2. Capt. Castroulle got trashed this time, but he will return. He might need a few Martinis to get into shape for the comming scenario. I currently looking for a good set of campaign rules to determine the fate our beloved villian.

  3. Super looking game :)
    Must dust off my own collection and give this another go...

    1. Thank you Mike! I wish you good luck with you comming plans. Large scale skirmish is great fun. The ruleset is a matter of taste. Fortunatly there are number of good ones linked to the French Indian War. Besides Donnybrook I can recommend Musket and Tomahawk.

  4. An excellent report, hopefully I'll be sorting out my 15mm FIW troops for a game of Donnybrook soon, this has got my juices flowing, Cheers!

  5. Thank's Ray!:) I have seen some your 15mm on your blog I really like them. 15mm skirmish have a certain appeal. You can create something really good on a fairly limited space. I tried that format when I played Ambush Alley.

  6. Lovely looking game and a very entertaining read!

  7. Hello Jonas! Glad you liked the AAR, unfortunatly I am having a really bad time with the auto-corrector. Each time I check the text find a multitude of errors. I better turn of that function.