Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Battle of Lund 1676, Terrain

This is terrain for the Battle of Lund project. It is my attempt to create a typical Scanian farmstead. Used an old towel to create the roof. The rest is coffee sticks and foam board.


  1. Really nice scratchbuild house! The towel, I mean roof, looks really realistic!


  2. Thank's Peter! Towels can be used for many things! When they used up then turn them into terrain making material. Actually I have seen things idea in several books and articles covering terrain making. Though the favorite covering this topic is a booklets series called "Touching History" by Paul Darnell. 

  3. A great looking building, Dalauppror sent me over, but for some reason I can't join your blog, I'll try again another day.

  4. Hello Ray, 

    I am glad you dropped by! I Thank you for your kind words. It will be a few more buildings on this blog eventually. I am currently working on another slightly smaller building. 

    Dalauppror told me about the problem to join this blog. It's frustrating to say the least, but I hope I will be able to figure out what is wrong. 

  5. Given the 'heads up' on your blog by Dalauppror and able to follow you, which is nice. Towels or flannels work really well for roofs. Some ore 28mm buildings on my list of things to do in 2015, as and when time and inspiration permit.

  6. Hello Steve,

    Glad you manged to join in! :)

    Scratch building terrain is always a challenge an quite fun. Apart from doing things from scratch one can always do some scavanging at flea markets. I have bought a few souvenir pieces that I hope to turn into wargaming terrain. It´s a rather interesting short cut.

  7. Great looking building, love the roof!

  8. Greate build Jesper !

    Seems like the Follow gadget now works fine:)

    Best regards Michael

  9. Your ingenuity exceeds any expectations - impressive idea using an old towel for this application. The result speaks for it self - a perfect addition to our terrain collection, also useful in coming GNW scenarios!