Sunday, December 14, 2014

Battle of Lund 1676 - The Danish Weyher regiment

I have been involved in project to recreate the battle of Lund 1676. Though this project is more or less compleated I have some difficulties to leave all together. Thus I decided to paint up the Danish Weyher regiment. If I am not misstanken this is a mercenary regiment mainly recruited among Germans. In any case the period is always interesting and will paint a few more of these. The battle of Lund was fought during month of December(the 4th of December) and that explains why I use snow flock on the bases. In actually there was no snow on the ground that day, just frost, but this looks a bit more dramtic and interesting.


  1. I'm glad you found it difficult to leave Lund alone - these look amazing. Especially like the interpretation of the grenadiers. I think I'll also add a few Scanian War regiments to my project list for 2015... At the moment, I'm expanding the fleet with Äpplet and Svärdet, so Kronan will have some back up!

  2. The grenadiers might still be a bit of a problem. I found a source that indicate that other colours should be used. However this will do for now. The next unit I will paint in this project will be a bit more accurate I suppose.