Sunday, December 28, 2014

Battle of Lund- The De Croi Regiment

The battle of Lund 1676 .....more Danes

This is the regiment De Croi. Named after it's commander,Charles Eugène de Croÿ, a mercenary from Brabant. His soldiers were also mecenaries(mainly Germans).

 De Croy would later on command a Russian army at the battle of Narva in 1700. Once more he fought against the Swedes and once more was defeated. The battle of Narva was the end of De Croi's career. He died as POW.


  1. Nice to see the collection is still growing. Great looking unit, and interesting background on De Croi and his apparent grudge against Sweden.

  2. Beautiful work, more please!!!!

  3. There will be more I can assure you! :) I will in short post a few pictures of Swedish units that I have already have painted in connection to this project.

  4. Really like those, great looking unit.

    Regards, Ken