Sunday, October 25, 2015

Everyone's going to Breitenfeld......

Here are some more figs for my 30 Years War Project. As mentioned in other posts, several club members are involved in playtesting the upcoming Pikeman's Lament rules. And as I've always had a soft spot for the 30YW, I just couldn't resist doing some figs for that period.

First there are some more musketeers, completing the foot figures I've planned for my Pikeman's Lament company.

Commanded Shot
The foot are all from Warlord Games' box of 30 YW Swedish Infantry that I got at the local hobby shop.
Pikeman's Lament is a skirmish game, so a unit of Commanded Shot skirmishers seems appropriate....

The Swedish army term at the time was 'kommenderade musketerare', so that's what I'll be calling them in the game of course....

And I also received the Swedish Cavalry I ordered from Bohemian Miniatures. I had never used any of their figs before, so was not sure what they were like.
But they are really quite nice, with good animated postures and very little mould lines or flash.

I will depict the cavalry as part of the Västgöta Ryttare regiment. This was a very good unit which served in virtually all major battles and campaigns all the way through the 30YW.
And my family is from Västergötland, making this unit sort of irresistable....
Västgöta Ryttare - the company commander is brandishing his favourite war hammer

Another view of Västgöta Ryttare on the road to Breitenfeld
One thing that appeals to me with the Pikeman's Lament rules is that it is a skirmish game, so I don't have to paint an awful lot of 28mm figs. 
To get a Company playable under these rules I've painted:
  • 6 Cavalry
  • 12 Pikemen
  • 6 Forlorn Hope
  • 18 Musketeers
And that's actually achievable, even for a slow painter like me.


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  2. Loking very good !!!
    Glad that you join in on the TYW action :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing these mini in action:)