Friday, October 9, 2015

A funny thing happened on the way to Breitenfeld

At the club we are currently playtesting a new set of rules for the pike & shot period, Pikeman's Lament.
The rules are not yet published, but will be a skirmish game based on the Lion Rampant rules for the medieval period, but modified and updated to fit this later period.
We have played some games set in the Scanian War between Sweden and Denmark in the 1670s, but I have elected to do an army (well, a Company really) based on the Swedish Västgöta Infantry Regiment in the 30 Years War.
Mainly because I am from Västergötland, and the Regiment had a flag that was easy to paint.....

A unit of pikemen with some musketeers in support.
I will add some more musketeers and a unit of Swedish cavalry from the Västgöta Ryttare cavalry Regiment.

'Anyone know the way to Breitenfeld?'
All the figs visible here are from Warlord Games and a mix of plastic and metal.
The cavalry will be from Bohemian Miniatures, but I haven't received them yet.


  1. Lovely work and nice to see some pikemen. Already looking forward to seeing how this progresses:)

  2. Greate work !

    I to have started to work on my TYW minis:)

  3. That looks good. Looking forward to see the cavalry

  4. Looks good Ulf! And I do think I have something funny for them..... >:)