Saturday, September 19, 2015

Heroes of the Revolution Don't Surf - But They Do Like Heavy Metal....

Hi Guys,
I have just completed another set of Soviets for our Karelian and East Front gaming using the Chain of Command rules. This project started with me and Jeppan doing some gaming set in the Finnish Winter War. Then it just sort of grew....
So now I find myself with Soviet figs in both winter and summer gear along with some tanks, guns, etc. Here's the latest batch of stuff.

For my winter guys there's a sniper for those times you want to remove a particular counter-revolutionary individual in a precise manner.
And then there's a super-heavy KV-2 tank for those other times when you don't need to be subtle about enforcing Marxist-Leninist ideology and don't mind sending over 15 cm HE shells to remove the enemies of the Revolution (and incidentally re-arranging the landscape).
Winter sniper and KV-2 tank
And even in summer someone has to bring the troops more ammo and, more importantly, vodka and borstj. For that you do need some transport as provided by GAZ trucks and lend-lease Jeeps.

Jeeps and GAZ trucks

I also added a few more SMG-toting avtomatchiki in summer gear along with another sniper.
SMG-equipped Heroes of the Revolution and a sniper.

And I found I really liked the look of the KV-2 behemoth, so I did one for summer use as well.
KV-2 and Avtomatchiki advancing

The whole gang's off to find some enemies to chastise, led by Mr Collateral Damage in the KV-2......


  1. Ah, the beast that is the KV-2. I remember my friend having a plastic kit as a kid and neither of us could believe how big the turret was.

    1. I fully agree. The KV-2 somehow manages to be both impressive and ridiculous at the same time. It was way too unreliable, clumsy and just plain weird to be very usable on operations, though it could be awesome if you did manage to get it into the right position at the right time (a big if)
      Still, I can't help liking the awful thing...

  2. WOW great looking KV-2 I look forward to seeing it in action! Yes the Heroes of the Revolution do like heavy metal!!

    1. Glad you like it. Me and Jeppan plan a game on Thursday, and I hope to let the KV-2 trundle into its first action then.

  3. Those Soviets will be crushed when I stage my offensive now on Thursday...... >:)

    1. We'll see about that. The Heroes of the Revolution are looking forward to kicking counter-revolutionary butt.
      The company's Kommissar wants new shiny medals (and an extra ration of vodka...)


    2. You will need both vodka and kommissars, as consolation. Captain Castrullius Great Evil plan includes sauna, AT-Guns and big knifes.

  4. excellent work on more Heroes of the motherland. Very nicely done

  5. Bigger is better! Love that over-the-top tank.