Sunday, September 27, 2015

Great Northen War, A New Russian infantry unit and Danish Cuirassiers


I have two new units to add to my Great Northen War collection. First we have a new Russian unit.
The colours of this unit is a bit unusual, however it could be either one of the unit Kievski or
Ingermanlandski. Both units had the same uniform colours. The flags are speculative. It's not regiment colours, rather it is flags that denote a particular company, if I am not mistaken. The two units fought the Swedes at Poltava 1709.

The minatures are a mix of Reiver Castings and Warefare miniatures. The flags are from Warfare miniatures.

The Cuirassiers below are Danes from the 1st Jyske cavalry regiment. The unit started as an ordinary cavalry unit, but was turned into a Cuirassier regiment during the early 18th century( a rather odd move). They were present with body armour and all of that at Helsingborg 1710.

The miniatures are a mix of Warfare miniatures and Wargames factory. The flag is a fabric flag bought from Maverick Models


  1. Great stuff once again. The flags are certainly different but make the unit really stand out on the table.

    1. Glad you liked it Steve!

      The colour combination flags and uniform was a lucky coincedence. It was all the flags I had left.

  2. Amazing paintjob.

    I especially like the flags..

  3. I like those a lot. Very nice work.