Saturday, August 29, 2015

Heroes of the Revolution Don't Surf - Reinforcements

Some reinforcements have arrived for the valiant defenders of the Motherland.

Battery of ZiS-3 Field Guns 

Field guns ready to repel the enemy
 I did a full battery of 4 guns from Battlefront. These were designed as divisional artillery but also deliberately designed to be fully usable as AT guns and used in massive numbers all through the war and beyond.
Most Soviet divisional artillery were equipped with the ZiS-3, as were many dedicated anti-tank units.

Battery of 82 BM-37 82mm Mortars

The battalion's mortar battery deployed for action. The forward observer is relaying the fire order....

I also painted a battery of 4 82mm mortars from Plastic Soldier and added a forward observer from Battlefront. These mortars were also used during the entire war, and beyond. Mortars that are almost identical are still in service all over the world.


 I painted the 3 T34s from Battlefront's box of plastic early T34s. They come with several turrets, guns and various options, not just the early obr40 and obr 41 models mentioned on the box, but mid- and late war versions too..
I chose to do 3 different turrets for each tank. One corresponds to the T34/76 obr 40 model, one represents the T34/76 obr 42, and one the T34/85 obr 43. Quite good value with, in effect, 3 different tanks at the same time.
This allows me to represent almost any T34-equipped platoon from Barbarossa all the way to '45.

T-34/76 obr 40.
T-34/76 obr 42.
T-34/85 obr 43

Next on the production line: Some more Maxim HMGs, PTRD Antitank Rifles and a few GAZ trucks


  1. Nice additions to the Soviet side, Stavka must be very pleased!

  2. Great work on the Soviets!! I also have miniatures to cover the airwar! Think about some air combat before the ground battles begin? I have check your six and a lot of Soviets and German aircraft.

    1. Thanks.I like the idea of preliminary air operations. I don't have any Aircraft. But let's go for it, if you've already got the required minis.

    2. Yes I do have the miniatures! I have been working on building my collection of German and Russian Aircraft to run a campaign on the Eastern Front in 1941. I have posted an AAR of a test game that I did solo on my blog, here is the post:

      but I have a lot of fighter aircraft. I should be at the meeting on Monday so we can discuss the airgame.

    3. Here is another post with some more of the painted aircraft I have for Early War.

      Have a good one!