Sunday, August 16, 2015

'Heroes of the Revolution Don't Surf' - Summer Soviets for the Karelian Campaign

No summer holiday for the heroic defenders of the revolution this year. Instead, they will all be putting their summer uniforms on and head to picturesque Karelia to take on the Finn counter-revolutionaries.

As Jeppan has already indicated on this blogg, we are painting up some Finns and Soviets to extend our Karelia Campaign for Chain of Command to summer. So we can now play Continuation War scenarios set in any season.
A couple of other club members are also doing summer Germans for the Eastern Front, so my new new summer Soviets won't be lacking opponents in other parts of the Motherland.

So far I've completed my Rifle Platoon, with a few options so it covers the entire period from Barbarossa to the end of the war. I've also finished a couple of Maxim MGs and a few T-26 tanks.

Infantry Squad with supporting 50mm Mortar and Maxim MG

Infantry squad and MG forming up behind the tanks....
The T-26 was used for quite some time on the Karelian and far North fronts, where one might run into these as late as '43.

Infantry squad and T-26s looking for some Fascists to fight.....
More tanks and support weapons will follow, and I will also add some engineers, a Recce squad or two (the extremely tough Razvedchiki) and a platoon of SMG-toting tank riding infantry.

You will be seeing more of these fellows as they make their way onto the wargames table.


  1. Looking good! I will also have a platoon of Soviet infantry in the near future for my Westwind Campaign. I just posted the first Soviets off the painting table.

  2. Hieno asetelma.
    Ja lisää on tulossa, joten odotan suurella mielenkiinnolla.