Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Great Northen War Project

The Nyland Cavalry Regiment

The Östgöta Cavalry Regiment

The comming year one of the main priorities will be the Great Nothern War Project. The basic idea is to set up the battle of Hollowczyn 1708. This was a battle between Swedes and Russians. The Swedish monarch at the time Charles XII had invaded Russia in order to set things straight with Russians(who had teamet up with the Danes and the Saxons). 
The battle of Holowczyn was a Swedish victory, but the war was in essence a great disaster. 

This is a club project so ther will be a number of participants. Sören and Micke(Dalauppror) will their part as well. Thus great things are to be expected. 

I have now completed two units of cavalry. The first is Nyland's Cavalry regiment, a Fenno-Swedish unit recruited in the region surrounding present day Helsinki. The other regiment is Östgöta cavalry regiment, a unit drawing from south- central Sweden. Both unit participets in fight at Hollowczyn. The Nyland regiment also took part in the disaster at Poltava.  I am not sure about the whereabouts of the Östgöta cavalry  regiment after Hollowczyn. The mintures used in these two units comes from two different manufacturers. The ones in the Nyland units are produced by Warfare minatures. The Östgöta are made up by mintures from Reiver castings. 


  1. Fine looking troops! Love those flags! Glad you got the followers problem sorted too.

  2. Fantastic paint job and basint, beautiful unit!

  3. Great work and I love the expressions on the faces. Look forward to seeing how this pans out in 2015.

  4. Fantastic work on these units! The basing is excellent!

  5. Thank you all for the kind words! 

    The basing is pretty straight forward. Sand and pvc glue for the structure. Burnt umber as base colour. Then drybrushed with raw sienna and finally a buff colour. Grass tuffts from silflur and static grass. The fern is etched brass. You can buy that from Noch.

    There will be more of this. We have list of all the units that we are supposed to paint. There are quite a few left and we haven't started yet on the Russians.  But I do look forward to this. I do like the period.

  6. Great additions to your collection - those Finns look the business!
    That Noch shrubbery looks like something worth trying out, really adds some realism to the basing.
    After seeing these two units next to each other, I must agree with you, Warefare and Reiver does blend quite well!