Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Battle of Lund 1676, earlier works part 2

The Västerbotten regiment
The Västerbotten regiment was present at the battle of Lund. The units was recruited from the northenmost domains of the Swedish king, from the province of Västerbotten. One curiosity around this regiment was that during the mid 17th century some of the soldiers where part time miners. The soldiers worked in the silver mines of Northen Sweden. This was probably not the case at the time of the Scanian Wars. The regiment was disbanded in 2000.

The Hälsinge regiment
This units was created in 1630 and existed until 1997. Just like the Västerbotten regiment is was recruited mainly from Northen Sweden. It's first commander was Joakim Brahe a distant relative  of the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe. The banner for this unit is an educated guess. I was't able to find a reliable source for what it would have look like in the 1670's. However the standing goat is a symbol used though out it's existance. It's also the symbol of the province of Hälsningland(the province where the unit was garrisoned).


  1. Lovely work and the figures have some wonderful poses:).

    1. Thank you Steve! Well the poses and the animation of the minatures are the main reason I do like miniatures from Warfare minatures. However one can take it one step futher by mixing minatures from different companies

  2. Wonderful paintwork. Really impressive flags!

  3. Thank you gentlemen! The flags are partially handpainted. I took some jpegs from the net and added three lasers of paint. A bit like a colouring book.