Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Siege of Vienna 1683: The Forces of the Sultan

I now have enough Ottoman Turkish figures to actually play some games of our home grown Musket Mayhem rules as well as for the upcoming Pikeman's Lament rules from Osprey.
There are now 3 units of Janissaries, 2 units of provincial cavalry and an artillery piece. There are also a few commanders.

A unit of Janissaries with cavalry in reserve.
Most of the figures I've chosen would work for just about any Turkish campaign from mid-late 1500s and well into the 1700s.
But to begin with, we are aiming at the campaigns culminating in the siege of Vienna in 1683. We chose this particular campaign as it is well documented, very dramatic and involved lots of different nationalities.

The Janissary commander in front of his men.
During this campaign there was not just the siege of Vienna itself, but also a lot of raids and maneuvers by both sides with many smaller sized actions over a wide area as the Turks advanced to start the siege operation. Then there was more raids and skirishes as the Allied armies marched to relieve the siege.

Another view of the Janiisaries
This period lends itself to lots of painting and modelling. In this campaign alone there were not just Turks and Austrians taking part. There were also various German states (Würtenberg and Bavaria, etc), Poles, Hungarians and Tatars.
The entire Turk force. But some reinforcements have yet to come....

There are still a few units to add. I will add a unit of Kapiqulu Spahis and a couple of irregular infantry units, for example.


  1. Great looking force and will be nice to see them in action.

    1. Thanks Steve. i hope to get a first game with my guys in the next week or so.