Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Shape of things to come, The Siege of Vienna 1683

Regiment Graf Reuss-Plauen
An upcoming project...

The Trondheim Project will be the main project for some time. However a few steps have been taken to start up a new project for Musket Mayhem.  In a not a far distant future we will start up a campaign based on the Sige of Vienna. The idea of having western(Austrian/German) troops facing Turks is too tempting to let it be. One can also add Polish Winged Hussars. I had some old Warfare minis left in my staches. They formed the first unit - Graf Reuss Plauen Infantry Regiment. I then bought some additional Front Rank miniatures. They formed yet a unit of Reuss-Plauen and in the works we have Graf Leslie. The history behind these units are not that clear to me. Well Graf Leslie is obviously a unit formed by a ancestor of a Brittish mercenary. There were a few such individuals in the Austrian nobility. There is no set time schedule for this coming project.....I will just add few units now and then. There is still quite a lot of research to do before this can be turned into a game.

More Reuss-Plauen

Infantry Regiment Graf Leslie 1683 - in the works


  1. Great start on the miniatures!! I am looking forward to the new geographic location of the game.

  2. Looking forward to see Turks, which miniatures are you planning to do use?

  3. Hi all,
    I will be doing the Turks. So far I've completed a couple of provincial cavalry units, and have just started some Janissaries.
    The painting won't be as splendid as what Jeppan produces, but still.....
    I'll try to post a few pics in a little while.

  4. I look forward to see the what turks these Austrians will face as well. I the moment I am about to field some curassiers to face this turkisk threat.