Monday, October 10, 2016

Great Northen War, Trondheim 1718, Castrullenfjord bites the dust

Colonel Castrullenfjord bites the dust...well almost. He survived, but things did not exactly go his way.

The Danish-Norwegian army received som long awaited reinforcements - Dragoons. A small unit from the Nordenfjell Dragoons showed up on the battlefield. The units is capable of both mounted and dismounted combat. It looked spectacular, but did it pay off?

The Swedes attacked another Norwegian settlement(as usual), though the attack was expected an the Norwegians were supposed to be the more aggressive side. However the Swedish commander wasn't exactly playing a defence. Aggressive as usual the Blue and Yellow commander Colonel Jöns Von Djaefull ordered a full out counterattack. The Danish-Norwegian Commander messed up and once more his units got stacked up. What was supposed to be a offensive move turned out to be a bit too timid advance in the face of the oncoming Swedish horde.

The Norwegians getting stacked once more..

The Nordenfjell Dragoons are coming..

Colonel Castrullenfjord trying to sort  out a botched deployment....

Colonel Jöns Von Djaevull orders a full  out coordinated attack...GÅ PÅ!

The Swedes reached the objectives faster that the Norwegians. This is odd considering the Norwegian Dragoons on the table. In game terms we can blame it on the dice.

Finns in Swedish service are closing in on the main objective....

More Finns...

Jämtlandians attacking....

The Jämtlandians are closing in on their Objective....the Norwegians are forming up nearby

The Norwegians have formed firing line...waiting for command...that came too late. The enemy reached the objective before the order came....

Despite losses the Jämtlandians pushed through and seized the objective

Lt Col. Fleaksnaes is trying to direct the Nordenfjell Dragoons. 

Norweigan Grenadiers are contesting the main objective....
The enemy are a few too many and the cavalry is watching the action...the Swedes grabbed this one...
The 1st Trondheim is trying desperately to turn the tide...they attached the Finns through the woods..

Finally the Dragoons went into action, but by this time the Swedes had grabbed 2 out of three objectives.... this time Castrullenfjord lost...Jöns Von Djaefull won...

The rules are our very own Musket Mayhem- large scale skirmish rules. The development of these rules continues. We started with a rule set intended for the French-Indian War, but we have branched out to cover AWI as well and now finally the Great Northern War. The game development has been ongoing for more than a year. This was the first game were we tried the cavalry rules. We are quite pleased thus far, but there still a bit of tinkering. 


  1. Simply cracking looking game:)

  2. Wow! A fantastic looking game!!!

  3. Great stuff!
    I think I have spotted a spy, who might have helped the Swedes. Seen him around all the action Castrullenfjord's been in - the guy on the big horse-sled (seen in the first pic and more)
    Get him shot immediately and I'm sure the Swedes won't advance so fast (as if they knew exactly where to go...)

    1. A spy! That explains it all. Castrullenfjord will off course bring him to justice. The Norweigans lost another session this very evening.....and that guy on the sled was there.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
    and always equally impressive.
    great color, winter, terrain, buildings and theme
    Ten points, and a large parrot mark

    1. Thank you Maximex! We will do our very best to develop this concept. :)