Sunday, November 22, 2015

The American Revolution, Continental Infantry 1776-1783

Continental Infantry, The American Revolution 1776-1783

These are completed miniatures that will be used for big skirmish gaming. As mentioned previously in this blog we have been working on a rule system of our own called Mayhem 1756. The idea was to create a set of rules for the French Indian war, but now the scope has been expanded. The rules will include units from the American revolution. 

The entire unit - all are miniatures from Perry Plastics. However some bits have been taken from  a box of Victrix Napoleonics. The box lacked minitures with their muskets in a firing postion. That's not a big deal when putting together larger units(brigades, battalions etc), but might be a bit of a problem when together units that will be used for skirmish games. Fortunatly it's quite easy to use bits from Victrix Plastics and other Perry boxes. The pieces fots together surprisingly well. Extra buttons and other details can be removeable or added with the use of a stapel and some green stuff.


  1. I bow to you all! Gentlemen ! :) there are more in production. To start with there is an urgent need for red coats. I have a box of Perrys to till that gap, but I do suspect that I need to do some conversions there as well.