Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Fyn Infantry Regiment 1710.....and some Pulp Minis

The Fyn Infantry Regiment 1710

New minis finished!  First we have one more unit for the Great Northen War. The unit in question is the Danish  Fyn Infantry Regiment. Just like the unit in the last blog entry The Fyn Infantry Regiment unit took part in the battle of Helsingborg 1710...and just like the previously Jutland Infantry Regiment this unit was an Imperial unit - it was rented out to the German Empire during the War of the Spanish Succession. The Danes were obliged to so due to the terms set by the peace treaty of Traventhal. Thus the Fyn Infantry Regiment was present at the battle of Blenheim 1704 the most famous battle of that war. The minis are from Reiver Miniatures. The flags are bought from Maverick Models

Pulp Era Action 

The second batch of finished minis cosists of miniatures from Pulp Figures. I do enjoy Pulp gaming. The best rules for this type of gaming is probably the ruleset known as " Pulp Alley". 
Currently we are running a Pulp Alley campaign at our club. The campaign is called "Perlious Island".  It is has been written by the same author who has written the orginal rules. Both the rules and the Perlious Island campaign supplement can be bought at the official Pulp Alley Website.

Heroes and Bad Guys from the Pulp Era(1920s-1930s)

If you want some battle reports or more insights into what this game is all about then I suggest you visit the following blog. Here one of my club compatriots, Joakim, have recorded the latest Pulp
Alley gaming sessions. I am by the way the one running the Belgian legue.


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    1. Thank you Ray! Hopefully they will perform well in my comming games

  2. Fyn regiment is a stunning revelation.
    I like this green color

  3. Well I somehow liked the colours as well. The sashes are a guess though.

  4. Those Funen boys look great - that Reiver minis range is not bad at all...

  5. Those Funen boys look very nice indeed! And the pulp minis are top-notch too – great work on the skin tones on those.

  6. Reiver minis are indeed slightly underestimated.

  7. Love your 1710 Infantry Regiment, really beautiful!