Sunday, June 7, 2015

Co-op Blackpowder

The attack of the Västerbottnians - the Repnin Grenadiers are on the recieving  end...

I have a few pictures from our test game. The basic idea is to run a campaign where one side is represented by game master and the other side is a group where each player control one battalion each. There is also a CinC on that side. The CinC issues a number of orders to each battalion. If the unit manage to reach the objective, pointed out by the CinC,  they will be rewarded with a certain amount of points. The points can be used to buy abilities with later on in the campaign. In the intial fight the battalions only have one ability: First Fire.

The starting position of the Swedish Infantry. The main objective is the village at the further end of the gaming table. The Life. Guards and the Uppland Infantry are positioned on the left. The Västerbottnians and the Småland Infantry are on the right side.  The Russians are positioned behind defenses close to the village, with exeception of a lone Dragoon unit. The Dragoons are positioned opposite to the Swedish right, on the other side of the river.

In this game the Russians where controlled by the gamemaster. The Swedes where controlled by 5 players. Four players control one battalion each. One player control the CinC. 

The Russians had 7 battalions and one Dragoon unit. 

The Swedes where supposed to storm the village and grab the supply stores inside. The Russian were
supposed to defend the supplies.

The Uppland Infantry close to the camera. In the background the Småland Infantry engages the Russian Dragoons. The Dragoons were mauled in the intial Clash between the two units.

The Guard was really reluctant to advance and did not move until the CinC personally ordered them to do so( a follow me move)

The Initial Russian positions

The Småland Infantry slams into the Russian position on the right side of the village. The Småland Infantry was probably the most successful unit in this game session.

The Swedes attack the Russian center position.

The Västerbotten Regiment advances towards the Repnin Grenadiers. 
The Uppland Regiment pushes a Russian unit away from the defences.

The Upplandians perished, but the Västerbottnians were succesful and made a flank attack against the  unit that knocked out the Uppland Regiment. The Russian defense soon fell apart

The game is played on 120cmx180cm surface. A rather small game, but we do want to be able to stage sessions that can be concluded on an evening. 

We still have work on the system that will allow the individual battalions to uppgrade their abilities. 


  1. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses as an idea. Lovely figures by the way:)

  2. Fun game indeed, and I'm glad the Swedes pressed home a victory, despite the Russian "Sten Sture" ace-up-the-sleeve!

    1. The Russian ace was perhaps not a true ace, more of a joker actually.

  3. The game was great fun! Thank you for putting it on! I look forward to our next battle in Russia!

    1. I guess we must start plan a new game

  4. The game looks fantastic and it sounds like you guys had a great time! Hopefully I can join in some time in the future.

    1. You are more than welcome to join in.

  5. I will produce some kind of update as soon as we have completed the second test-game.

  6. Splendid report, these armies are wonderful!