Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lion Rampant - a new game from Osprey Publishing

We have decided to try out the new medieval skirmish game Lion Rampant published by Osprey publishing. The rules are writen by Daniel Mersey.  You need somewhere around  48 mintures side in order to play a standard sizeable game. Though you can get away just half that number mintures if you play with a bit more expensive unit types.   We found the rules quite easy learn. A single game of Lion Rampant with a standard size army on each side(24 point) took roughly an hour to play. We soon doubled the size of each army and it was still possible to play a game in one evening session. That is the definition of a fast play rule set.  

The oppositionen forces are lined up. Sincerely we played with a doubled size force on each side(48points) we decided to play the game with two generals on each side. In a normal game you will have just one each.  We activated each general using custom made cards. Each card represented one of the generals. 

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